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JS Rajkumar Achievements

Dr. JS Rajkumar is the founder and chairman of Lifeline Group of Hospitals. He set up the first ever Stem Cell Unit in Chennai and reported the first successful case after stem cell therapy. He started his entrepreneurial journey by setting up Rigid Hospitals Private Limited at New Avadi Road in Kilpauk in 1997.  He has worked as an Assistant Professor with Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai and as a Consultant Surgeon and Gastroenterologist with Malar Hospital, Chennai.

Dr Rajkumar has been the Chairman of the Association of Surgeons of India, TN&P chapter for the year 2011-12. He founded a trust in 1997 called ‘Dr Rajarathnam Medical and Educational Foundation’ which provides free service to HIV and cancer patients.

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Vaidya Ratna Award from President Abdul Kalam
  2. Dr KS Sanjivi Award which is given to doctors with social commitment for health and medicare services to poor and needy
  3. Dr V Chandrasekhar Gold Medal Endowment: IMA, Trichy, Rtn
  4. Dr NC Raghavachari Award for Exemplary Service to the Community – Health
  5. Seva Ratna Award for recognizing services to the society by PR Syndicate
  6. Lifetime Achievement Award from the Lions Club District


Dr. Rajkumar graduated from Madras Medical College, Chennai with 32 gold medals. During his post graduation, he received four FRCS to his credit. He then trained in the United Kingdom under senior surgeons on advanced general surgery and hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery.

Medical Career

Medical work history of Dr. JS Rajkumar is as follows:

  1. Chairman – Lifeline Group of Hospitals. Chennai
  2. Chairman ( 2011-2012 ) TN&P, Association of Surgeons of India
  3. Examiner – National Board of Examinations
  4. Examiner – Royal College of Surgeons
  5. Visiting Professor of Surgery – Sri Balaji Medical College, Chennai
  6. Visiting Professor of Surgery – Rajah Muthaiah Medical College, Chidambaram
  7. Editor – Digestive Surgery, Indian Edition
  8. Director – Doctor’s Medical College, Chennai
  9. Founder Member – College of Surgeons of India, New Delhi
  10. Mentor for Advanced Laparoscopy, Indian Association of Gastroenterologists and Endosurgeons
  11. Mentor for Colorectal and Obesity Surgery – COVIDIEN
  12. Mentor for Obesity / Hernia /Advanced Lap Surgeries – ETHICON

Dr. Rajkumar had a successful case with treating a 36-year-old diabetic by cutting 170 cm off from his intestine and moving it closer to the stomach to cure him, a method of treatment which started in Brazil a decade ago.

A team of doctors from a private hospital which included Dr. JS Rajkumar successfully performed bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) on a 108 kg woman for weight reduction in Puducherry.

Dr. JS Rajkumar, along with a few other doctors, helped save the life of a 46-year-old surgeon on board a Kolkata-Chennai flight. The surgeon fell unconscious and lost pulse and was revived using the technique of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).


Scalpel Scribbles: Dr. JS Rajkumar has authored the book Scalpel Scribbles which is a collection of poems and short stories that focus on his ruminations and memories of real incidents. These include the 2004 Kumbakonam fire accident that claimed the lives of children, and a few other incidents.


Dr J. S Rajkumar uses Google Glass in his surgery at Lifeline Hospitals

Dr. J S Rajkumar, Chairman, Lifeline Hospitals, always likes to stay acquainted with the latest developments in technology. His inclination towards technology has found its way to be used in his hospital as well. Lifeline Hospital houses the latest equipments and gadgets used in medical science. And now Dr. J S Rajkumar has incorporated something absolutely fascinating and revolutionary- Using a Google Glass in a surgery.

The world is dominated by technology. Technology has offered a myriad of benefits in various sectors but there is one sector that has received a great fillip through the use of technology-The healthcare sector.  Technology has revolutionized the healthcare domain. The treatments that seemed impossible a few decades ago have now become a reality, all thanks to the developments in technology. Millions of lives are saved every month across the world, thousands of students are trained every year; all through an extensive use of technology. And the advent of Google Glass has paved in a way for an entirely new experience.

The benefits that a Google Glass offers during a surgery are incredible. It broadcasts the surgery for the people outside the operation theatre. This broadcast can be seen by people in various parts of the world in the real time. This simply means that thousands of students will be able to see the surgery broadcast by the Google Glass and learn intricacies of the surgery. This connectivity is certainly avant-garde and is highly beneficial.

Reminiscing the memories: Dr. J S Rajkumar’s experiences compiled in a book

Doctors or at write or co-author books based on medical specialty and another book coming from a renowned surgeon would not be much of a surprise to anyone. But what if I were to tell you the book being Talked about here HAS got nothing to do with medical science as its subject. Rather it is not even remotely related to human biology and anatomy, Although it does deal with human emotions and sentiments.
Dr JS Rajkumar, chairman, Lifeline Hospital Multi Specialty Hospital, HAS penned a book called Scalpel Scribbles. This book is a compilation of his experiences and thoughts reverberated through anecdotes and poems. This book is unique for it gives an insight into Dr. JS’s life and how things as small as Om mantra or rains had an impact on him. Just flipping through the book gives the reader an idea of how good a writer Dr. Rajkumar is.
Dr. JS Rajkumar, who always had a penchant for writing HAS finally embarked on a journey where he would pen his thoughts and ideas. He Has already planned to start with his next book-which will talk about his emotional experiences with his patients. A doctor comes to know about the deepest secrets of his patient and Becomes a confidante. Dr.Rajkumar’s book Has touched upon the side that talks about his journey towards becoming Such a successful personality.

Dr J S Rajkumar-Stem Cell Therapy Specialist

Last weekend, I and my friends plan outing for splash water park to add some fun to our monotonous life because whole week we are busy in our office life. We reached Splash at 11 am in the morning, had our breakfast and then proceed to water rides. The rides are so amazing that we took each ride twice. There was one ride in which we are supposed to come down alone in narrow channel but the problem with the ride was that it was overcrowded. So, people were in queue for that ride and eagerly waiting for their turn. I was first  to take that ride among my friends though it was quite scary. After me, when my friend turn came, out of fear he closed his eyes and instead of putting the foot on ride, he put his foot in the air. Due to the negligence of the water park authority, he landed straight on the ground. We can assume that ride is placed on 9th floor of some building and my friend fallen from that. We immediately rush to nearby hospital, but they refuse the treatment as there are very  less chances of survival. We went to approximately 3 hospital but we get the same reply. After hearing about the Dr J S Rajkumar, we rush to him, he immediately took my friend to operation theatre and conduct stem cell therapy as there were multiple injuries in spinal cord and brain. Due to Dr J S Rajkumar, my friend recovered. After 1 month, my friend got discharged. I am really thankful to Dr J S Rajkumar for giving second life to my friend.

Dr J S Rajkumar-A Renowned Oncologist

I used to live in joint family with two generations living together with my aunt, uncle and their children in upper ground floor and me with my family staying on ground floor. My aunt frequently complains about the fever after every two months .After analyzing her situation for six months, doctor prescribed us to conduct routine test. The report came out to be normal but there is no improvement in fever occurrence. Due to this, she lost 10 kg but that weight loss can’t be explained because fever is not the main reason behind it. The strange thing behind her fever is that it is accompanied by fatigue. After running from each pole to pillar, we reached Dr J S Rajkumar. Dr J S Rajkumar studied my aunt report thoroughly. After examining the report, he told us that my aunt has cancer which can be removed. Dr J S Rajkumar told us to conduct few more test so that the exact position could be detected. Dr J S Rajkumar conducted the oncology surgery. Dr J S Rajkumar helped my aunt to recover from her cancer. We are really thankful to Dr J S Rajkumar.

Dr J S Rajkumar-Obesity Specialist

My brother is working in multinational company. His daily schedule involves waking up in the morning at 7 am, getting ready, before rushing to the office, he used to eat one aloo parantha daily in the morning. At 11 am in the office, he used to take sandwich with cold coffee followed by lunch and evening snacks in office. He used to come home at 9 pm in the night and had his meals. He is following this schedule from the past four years. As a result he gains his weight and his stomach start bulging out. He ignored it due to lack of time. After 6 months, he has problem in digesting heavy food like pizza, pastas. He ignored it once again. One fine morning, he was getting ready for office, he puke out, we immediately ran to doctor. He prescribed normal medicines as he was having high blood pressure that day which was again due to his unhealthy eating habits. Gradually he starts putting more weight, with increase in weight a sudden fluctuation in blood pressure is also expected. We fail to understand the link between the two. After running from each pole and pillar, we ran to Dr J S Rajkumar, he conducted the ECG of my brother which is depicting the high cholesterol level that can’t be controlled due to weight issue. Our first priority is losing weight. Dr J S Rajkumar suggested us bariatric surgery of losing weight. We agreed to it as we have no option left. Dr J S Rajkumar conducted the surgery the next day. My brother started recovering and getting to his normal shape after DR J S Rajkumar treatment.

Wonderful Treatment Of Dr J S Rajkumar

I want to share my story of how I escape the death. I was living in London with my family with two daughters, husband and mother in law. I was not bootable to digest any solid meal, so I have to be on semi fluids and fluids. I Consulted many doctors and hospitals in London but none of them can providence a possible cure of the problem I had. The test-which was Conducted Says That My liver HAS BEEN partially damaged, ie 70%, my liver not working, so the only left with was liver transplant and as a Consequence of this problem, one of my kidney failed and I’ve ‘ ve’ve given as a time span or only 1 year. So, I Decided to live life to the fullest. In the winter vacation, I visited India and in India, some of my relative recommended DR JS Rajkumar on her recommendations, I visited Dr   JS Rajkumar , and he went to all my reports deeply. Dr JS Rajkumar Suggested me the next morning dialysis for kidney issue. Dr JS Rajkumar was not in favor of liver transplant, he put on Medicines for 1 year and my liver started working 50% now, and now can enjoy my food. I was really thankful to Dr JS Rajkumar for his great work.

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