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JS Rajkumar Achievements

Dr. JS Rajkumar is the founder and chairman of Lifeline Group of Hospitals. He set up the first ever Stem Cell Unit in Chennai and reported the first successful case after stem cell therapy. He started his entrepreneurial journey by setting up Rigid Hospitals Private Limited at New Avadi Road in Kilpauk in 1997.  He has worked as an Assistant Professor with Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai and as a Consultant Surgeon and Gastroenterologist with Malar Hospital, Chennai.

Dr Rajkumar has been the Chairman of the Association of Surgeons of India, TN&P chapter for the year 2011-12. He founded a trust in 1997 called ‘Dr Rajarathnam Medical and Educational Foundation’ which provides free service to HIV and cancer patients.

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Vaidya Ratna Award from President Abdul Kalam
  2. Dr KS Sanjivi Award which is given to doctors with social commitment for health and medicare services to poor and needy
  3. Dr V Chandrasekhar Gold Medal Endowment: IMA, Trichy, Rtn
  4. Dr NC Raghavachari Award for Exemplary Service to the Community – Health
  5. Seva Ratna Award for recognizing services to the society by PR Syndicate
  6. Lifetime Achievement Award from the Lions Club District


Dr. Rajkumar graduated from Madras Medical College, Chennai with 32 gold medals. During his post graduation, he received four FRCS to his credit. He then trained in the United Kingdom under senior surgeons on advanced general surgery and hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery.

Medical Career

Medical work history of Dr. JS Rajkumar is as follows:

  1. Chairman – Lifeline Group of Hospitals. Chennai
  2. Chairman ( 2011-2012 ) TN&P, Association of Surgeons of India
  3. Examiner – National Board of Examinations
  4. Examiner – Royal College of Surgeons
  5. Visiting Professor of Surgery – Sri Balaji Medical College, Chennai
  6. Visiting Professor of Surgery – Rajah Muthaiah Medical College, Chidambaram
  7. Editor – Digestive Surgery, Indian Edition
  8. Director – Doctor’s Medical College, Chennai
  9. Founder Member – College of Surgeons of India, New Delhi
  10. Mentor for Advanced Laparoscopy, Indian Association of Gastroenterologists and Endosurgeons
  11. Mentor for Colorectal and Obesity Surgery – COVIDIEN
  12. Mentor for Obesity / Hernia /Advanced Lap Surgeries – ETHICON

Dr. Rajkumar had a successful case with treating a 36-year-old diabetic by cutting 170 cm off from his intestine and moving it closer to the stomach to cure him, a method of treatment which started in Brazil a decade ago.

A team of doctors from a private hospital which included Dr. JS Rajkumar successfully performed bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) on a 108 kg woman for weight reduction in Puducherry.

Dr. JS Rajkumar, along with a few other doctors, helped save the life of a 46-year-old surgeon on board a Kolkata-Chennai flight. The surgeon fell unconscious and lost pulse and was revived using the technique of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).


Scalpel Scribbles: Dr. JS Rajkumar has authored the book Scalpel Scribbles which is a collection of poems and short stories that focus on his ruminations and memories of real incidents. These include the 2004 Kumbakonam fire accident that claimed the lives of children, and a few other incidents.


Dr J S Rajkumar revives a surgeon from cardiac arrest in air

A doctor’s skills can be put to test anywhere and not just in an operation theatre or an examination room. This means that a good doctor is the one who does not rely on the equipments to save lives all the times. The knowledge and confidence are sufficient enough to bring relief to the patients. Dr J S Rajkumar, Chairman, Lifeline Hospitals encountered such a situation where his skills were put to test and he proved his mettle. He saved a fellow passenger’s life on board a flight, without any medical equipment but with sheer talent.

Prakash, a 46 year old surgeon was lucky for having boarded the same flight as Dr. J S Rajkumar’s. That’s because the latter has saved the former’s life in a way that is nothing short of a miracle. Dr J S Rajkumar, was travelling from Kolkata to Chennai after delivering a guest lecture. Coincidentally, Prakash was also travelling in the same flight with his wife. About half an hour after the filght took off, the passengers witnessed a panic situation. Prakash’s wife realized that her husband was having trouble breathing. He was gasping for air. He had suffered a cardiac arrest on the flight. His wife called for help and much to her fortune, Dr J S Rajkumar rushed to the situation to rescue the harrowing patient.

Dr Rajkumar quickly realized that the 46 year old surgeon was losing out on his pulse and needed to be resuscitated. His first response was to grab the first aid kit available on the flight but much to his dismay, the kit proved out to be useless. The kit lacked endo-tracheal tubes that could help Prakash breathe. By this time, the patient had lost pulse and his temperature was dropping. The flight did not have any defibrillators to revive the patient by restarting the stopped heart. Even a mouth to mouth resuscitation could not help. Then, Dr. Rajkumar completely relied on his instincts and started punding on the victim’s chest, putting pressure on the heart. He made several pushes on the chest but just as Dr. J S Rajkumar was about to lose hope, Prakash miraculously revived.

He was keenly observed by the doctor and the situation turned out to be a cardiac arrhythmia. Dr J S Rajkumar understood that although the attack was severe, there was hardly any chance that it would happen again. As the flight landed in Chennai, Prakash was straight away taken to the nearby hospital.