Reminiscing the memories: Dr. J S Rajkumar’s experiences compiled in a book

Doctors or at write or co-author books based on medical specialty and another book coming from a renowned surgeon would not be much of a surprise to anyone. But what if I were to tell you the book being Talked about here HAS got nothing to do with medical science as its subject. Rather it is not even remotely related to human biology and anatomy, Although it does deal with human emotions and sentiments.
Dr JS Rajkumar, chairman, Lifeline Hospital Multi Specialty Hospital, HAS penned a book called Scalpel Scribbles. This book is a compilation of his experiences and thoughts reverberated through anecdotes and poems. This book is unique for it gives an insight into Dr. JS’s life and how things as small as Om mantra or rains had an impact on him. Just flipping through the book gives the reader an idea of how good a writer Dr. Rajkumar is.
Dr. JS Rajkumar, who always had a penchant for writing HAS finally embarked on a journey where he would pen his thoughts and ideas. He Has already planned to start with his next book-which will talk about his emotional experiences with his patients. A doctor comes to know about the deepest secrets of his patient and Becomes a confidante. Dr.Rajkumar’s book Has touched upon the side that talks about his journey towards becoming Such a successful personality.


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