Dr J S Rajkumar Online Surgical Class

I am pursuing medical in obesity from Chandigarh Medical College. I am in the final year of the college and as a part of curriculum I have to work in hospital and do the work. I was very  afraid of joining as a intern in hospital as I have perform very less practical in my medical college related to my specializations , I have very less knowledge about the latest technique and its execution part. I have heard about Dr J S Rajkumar great work in obesity, so my wish was to see him conducting the surgeries, but as a student it is not possible. I have heard that Dr J S Rajkumar used to take sessions on his latest technique executed by him but due to distance problem i failed to attend it. Dr J S Rajkumar also conduct online teaching classes on various topic regarding obesity but that only add to theoretical knowledge. Finally I got the chance to view the Dr J S Rajkumar live surgery as he was conducting online surgical classes. That very particular day, I took off from college; he started the session explaining the basic concepts, then going deep into the details of surgery. He also performs the laparoscopic hernia surgeries and bariatric surgeries which help all medical students to gain experience. It also helps to boost my knowledge and now have confidence that I can assist the surgery in hospital in my internship. I am very helpful to Dr J S Rajkumar for his work in teaching students.


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