Wonderful Treatment Of Dr J S Rajkumar

I want to share my story of how I escape the death. I was living in London with my family with two daughters, husband and mother in law. I was not bootable to digest any solid meal, so I have to be on semi fluids and fluids. I Consulted many doctors and hospitals in London but none of them can providence a possible cure of the problem I had. The test-which was Conducted Says That My liver HAS BEEN partially damaged, ie 70%, my liver not working, so the only left with was liver transplant and as a Consequence of this problem, one of my kidney failed and I’ve ‘ ve’ve given as a time span or only 1 year. So, I Decided to live life to the fullest. In the winter vacation, I visited India and in India, some of my relative recommended DR JS Rajkumar on her recommendations, I visited Dr   JS Rajkumar , and he went to all my reports deeply. Dr JS Rajkumar Suggested me the next morning dialysis for kidney issue. Dr JS Rajkumar was not in favor of liver transplant, he put on Medicines for 1 year and my liver started working 50% now, and now can enjoy my food. I was really thankful to Dr JS Rajkumar for his great work.

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