Wonders of Dr JS Rajkumar Laparoscopic surgery

I belong to middle class family with father being the clerk in Goverment office, mother doing housekeeping work, both my brothers were also struggling to earn two-time bread for the family. I used to have very bad stomach aches  for short duration but due to negligence or rather say lack of proper financial funds, could not get the proper treatment, but with time the pain last for hours and now it turns to so terrible that it now is not going for 5 or 6 days, so I consulted many doctors, he told me that i have stone in gall bladder removal and for this, the whole gall bladder has to be removed and the entire surgery costs lakhs, so we dropped the idea or stick to medicine a, but in one article in the newspaper I heard about Dr JS Rajkumar, who is promoting the laparoscopic surgery but I was afraid of this because nobody Suggested that. On visiting Dr J S Rajkumar, he assured us that the surgery will be successful and the stone will be picked without gall bladder removal also. We agreed to Dr J S Rajkumar words, and proceed to it because we can afford this surgery also. Dr J S Rajkumar Conducted the surgery and I was relieved from pain. I am really thankful to DR J S Rajkumar.


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