Dr JS Rajkumar miracle treatment for hopeless case

I want to share my story of how I escape the death. I was living in London with my family with two daughters, husband and mother in law. I was not bootable to digest any solid meal, so I have to be on semi fluids and fluids. I Consulted many doctors and hospitals in London but none of them can providence a possible cure of the problem I had. The test-which was Conducted Says That My liver has been partially damaged, ie 70%, my liver not working, so the only option left with me was liver transplant and as a Consequence of this problem, one of my kidney failed and I’ve given a time span of only one year. So, I Decided to live life to the fullest. In the winter vacation, I visited India and in India, some of my relative recommended Dr J S Rajkumar on her recommendations, I visited Dr J S Rajkumar, and he went to all my reports deeply. Dr J S Rajkumar Suggested me the next morning dialysis for kidney issue. Dr J S Rajkumar was not in favor of liver transplant, he put on Medicines for 1 year and my liver started working 50% now, and now can enjoy my food. I was really thankful to Dr J S Rajkumar for his great work.


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